Haid Tradition Westminster chime clock
W. Haid Westminster chime wall clock, circa 1972.

This is a relatively small German made Westminster chime wall clock. The dial has the name Tradition, I didn't see any known brand name or label on the clock. The wind up brass movement is stamped W. Haid 361-020 72, which I believe was made by Hermle for W. Haid in 1972. Chimes every quarter hour and strikes the hour. 8-Day spring powered movement with pendulum. With what looks to be the original winding key. Case is about 20" tall, 9.5" wide, and 5" deep. The dial measures 6". Very nice looking clock with only a few very minor blemishes as one would expect on a clock after 25 careful years of use. Has a beautiful sounding chime on 5 tone rods. I believe that everything is original. This clock is as received from an estate auction and has not been serviced, but is running and striking perfectly. I try to limit my collection mostly to older American made clocks so this one was sold on eBay for someone else to enjoy.

SOLD on eBay in 2007 for $76.00

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< Haid Tradition Westminster chime clock
Haid Tradition Westminster chime clock
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